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KPMG webinar on Practical approach to judicial decisions on tax issues

Income tax appellate procedure has been subjected to changes with the introduction of the Inland Revenue Act, 2017 and has further been amended by the Inland Revenue (Amendment) Act, 2021. Hence, determining the correct course of action is fundamental for the success of any action under the appellate procedure.

Case laws are an important element of law as it creates a precedent for subsequent cases. Hence, analysing and understanding the judicial approach on controversial tax matters is crucial for correct decision making. The “Virtual Assembly” on ‘Practical approach to tax issues in light of judicial decisions’ launched by KPMG Academy consists of 3 sessions (from 3 to 5 pm) scheduled on 17 September (Friday), 22 September (Wednesday) and 6 October (Wednesday).

The sessions will be conducted by Suren Fernando, Attorney – At – Law (LLB, LLM) and Suresh R. I. Perera, Principal – Tax & Regulatory. Rifka Ziyard, Director – Tax & Regulatory at KPMG will moderate the sessions.

The 3 sessions are scheduled as follows;

17 September 2021 (Friday) “Tax Appeal Procedure: Beyond the Surface”, 22 September 2021 (Wednesday) “Financial Instruments – Shares, Treasury Bills, Interest”, 6 October 2021 (Wednesday) “Recent Significant Cases in Relation to Income Tax, VAT and Stamp Duty”.

The first session is scheduled for 17 September from 3:00 – 5.00 PM and will cover areas such as the distinction between the new and old income tax appellate procedure, appeals to the Tax Appeals Commission and the Court of Appeal, writ jurisdiction, procedural matters on assessments and appeals, rules of natural justice, legitimate expectation, and administrative law.

For registration, please contact Seneli Jayatunge on [email protected]

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