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Legal Aid Commission expands services

The Legal Aid Commission has taken steps to expand its services and heighten its awareness among the public regarding its services.

Justice Minister Ali Sabry PC, was of the view that people would be able to get assistance and entrench their issues with the assistance of the Legal Aid Commission. Therefore, by displaying advertisements and posters elaborating the services and benefits offered by the Legal Aid Commission in police stations, the public will be massively assisted.

Accordingly, under the theme “ Equal Access to Justice”, the Legal Aid Commission has taken steps to provide wide publicity about the Legal Aid services through the island-wide coordination of police stations. Thereby the Legal Aid Commission believes that people will get a broader understanding and will be educated about the services provided by the Legal Aid Commission.

A statement issued by the Legal Aid Commission read that it will facilitate the public by providing free legal advice and facilitate the administration of justice by appearing in the court free of charge for low-income groups and will make it easier for Sri Lankans who are unable to seek redress due to poverty to access the courts.

Accordingly, the Legal Aid Commission of Sri Lanka has established an head office at the Colombo High Court Complex and 84 Legal Aid Commission Centers in the Regional Courts Complex, providing free legal assistance for legal proceedings in all courts in Sri Lanka.

“Under the instructions of Justice Minister Ali Sabry, in order to further expand the services of the Legal Aid Commission, the Legal Division has been further developed”, the statement read. Accordingly, Three Assistant Deputy Directors (Legal) has been appointed for the Colombo Head Office.

In addition, nine Assistant Deputy Directors (Legal) have been appointed locally to expedite the proceedings of all clients receiving legal assistance.

The main objective is to develop the legal aid service more efficiently and effectively. The statement further said that people who are in need of legal advice can contact the Legal Aid Centers coordinated at the provincial level via the Assistant /Deputy Directors.

Accordingly, the public can contact the Colombo Head Office and Acting Regional Centers through, Attorney-at-Law, Assistant / Deputy Director (Legal)- Koshalya Hapuarachchi, 0779286387, Attorney-at-Law, Assistant / Deputy Director (Legal),(Colombo Head Office and Acting Southern Province)Thushari Karunasinghe -0770114288 and, Attorney-at-Law, Assistant / Deputy Director (Legal) (Colombo Head Office and Acting Western Province). Harshani Balaharuwa, 0770845660. The Provincial Legal Aid Offices can be reached via the following Assistant/ Deputy Directors.

Eastern Province and Acting Northern Province - Attorney-at-Law, Assistant / Deputy Director (Legal) Sabir Ahmed, - 0777315393.

Uva Province - Attorney-at-Law Assistant / Deputy Director (Legal) Thamara Damayanthi 071-7844532.Central Province - Attorney at Law Thushari Punchihewa Assistant / Deputy Director (Legal) – 0779895938. North Central Province Attorney-at-Law Jeeva Ranasinghe Assistant / Deputy Director (Legal) 077-3528219.

Sabaragamuwa Province - Attorney at Law Sudharma Gunapala Assistant / Deputy Director (Legal) 071-6606811.

North Western Province - Attorney-at-Law Priyangika Attanayake Assistant / Deputy Director (Legal) 071-8032659.

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