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Pfizer jabs for children above 15

Production, Supply and Regulation of Pharmaceuticals State Minister Prof.Channa Jayasumana yesterday said vaccination of children above 15 will begin at government hospitals under close supervision of medical officers.

He said children will be given the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and the country will receive the required number of vaccines within the next few weeks. Prof. Jayasumana said there are few prerequisites to be fufilled before the vaccination of children above 15 begins.

“Pfizer vaccines should be stored and transported to maintain temperature standards. We have looked into the facilities available at government hospitals to store them under recommended temperature standards,” he said. He said hospital staff who will administer the Pfizer jabs on children need to be given special training and this process will also take a few days.

He said that the country is expected to receive 4 million Pfizer vaccines within the next few weeks and a stock will be delivered to the country today (20). “The decision to vaccinate schoolchildren above 15 was taken by a special committee comprising Paediatricians and specialists after considering the inoculation of children in various countries,” he said. 

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