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Parents urged to get children jabbed against COVID

Medical experts allay myths and superstitions
Pfizer vaccine for all children from 15 to 19
Western countries already administering for children

Specialist doctors yesterday urged parents and adults not to be deceived by myths and superstitions and wanted all children to get vaccinated against COVID.

The vaccination programme is carried out with the recommendations of the expert committees of the world and our country, the specialists pointed out and said that successful results can be achieved through precise understanding and interest without undue fear.

This was disclosed at a virtual media briefing organized by the Presidential Media Centre held yesterday (23) attended by a medical team including pediatricians and university professors. “The vaccination of children” was the topic of the discussion.

Vaccination of children with congenital diseases will begin today at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children in Colombo, Pediatric Neuro Physician Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya said.

He advised parents to take the children who are suffering from chronic diseases including diabetes, neurological diseases, kidney disease, heart disease, thalassemia and diseases of the urinary tract and esophagus for vaccination. Dr. Padeniya said that they plan to administer the vaccine with the permission of the parents as well as with the recommendation of the relevant specialist doctor when they visit the clinics where they are being treated.

Pediatricians stated that all plans required for the vaccination of children in all provincial, district and base hospitals in the coming days have been prepared in accordance with the recommendations of the specialists.

It has been decided to vaccinate the children under three age groups. Accordingly, the initial vaccination is given to children with congenital diseases between the ages of 12-19 years. The doctors said that the vaccination of healthy children in the age group of 15-19 years will begin in the future and that vaccines to children in the age group 12-15 years will be given as soon as the recommendations of the specialists are received.

Dr. Padeniya said that even after the vaccination, a team of doctors will monitor the children’s complications under the supervision of specialists and would introduce a direct telephone number to obtain instructions in case of any complications at home.

It was revealed that the Experts Committee has given the approval to administer the vaccine only in hospitals, and to administer only the Pfizer vaccine to children.

State Pharmaceuticals Corporation (SPC) Chairman Dr. Prasanna Gunasena expressed disappointment over the statements made by some persons who are not experts in the field of vaccination through the media. He requested all media institutions and journalists to publish or broadcast news with regard to the vaccination of children only after confirming the information from pediatric specialists, related agencies and specialists in providing special services.

Dr. Gunasena pointed out that the spread of myths faster than the virus is a serious matter and said that the doctors as well as the media should act responsibly since vaccinating children is a sensitive issue in our society.

Paediatric Specialist Professor Pujitha Wickramasinghe pointed out that online education is a serious obstacle to the development of a child’s external skills.

He said parents fear sending their children with congenital diseases to school even if the schools begin, and added that vaccination could help prevent children from losing equal opportunities for education.



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