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Cabinet nod for new law on speedy recovery of premises given on lease

The Cabinet of Ministers on Monday granted approval to a paper submitted by Justice Minister M.U.M Ali Sabry, PC to draft new laws to speed up the recovery of premises given on lease.

The proposed changes to the law are based on the recommendations made by the Advisory Committee to review Rent Law which was appointed by the Justice Minister as part of the Justice Sector Reform Programme.

The new law will introduce a procedure whereby a landlord seeking recovery of a premises given on a notarially executed lease can obtain a decree nisi entitling him to the premises at the outset of a case.The current procedure to recover possession of a premises given on rent is a time-consuming Rent and Ejectment action which is filed in the District Court and can typically take several years to conclude.

Commenting on the rationale behind the introduction of this law, Justice Sector Reform Programme Director and Justice Ministry Coordinating Secretary, Attorney Shamir Zavahir stated that the rent laws in Sri Lanka are reflective of a different era where the entire focus of the law was to tilt the balance firmly in favour of the tenant.

“Yet, over the years the rent laws of this country have caused severe inconvenience and injustice to the owners of properties as the law and the procedure has been abused by tenants seeking to gain an unfair advantage over property owners,” Zavahir said.He said that the changes that are being introduced will strike a balance between protecting a tenant and giving property owners an efficient and speedy mechanism to recover possession of their premises when a tenant seeks to wrongfully hold on to possession in circumstances where they are not legally entitled to do so’. 

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