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‘Adani Group’s deal for WCT development, positive move’

Rohan Masakorala
Rohan Masakorala

India’s Adani Group’s recent West Container Terminal (WCT ) development deal at the Colombo port is a positive move for Sri Lanka’s economic growth, says veteran maritime expert Rohan Masakorala who is also the CEO of the Shippers’ Academy Colombo.

“Whatever business we do in the World, India is a key partner for Sri Lanka whether it is in logistics or any other trade because India is identified to become the third-largest economy in the world by 2050.

If India’s economy is growing, there’s a lot of potentials for Sri Lanka to benefit from it. And also I have been a strong believer that India has to be the leader of growth in South Asia. Hence it is always good for us to pursue partnerships with Indian businesses, technologies and companies especially in the Port sector.”

Stressing the need for Sri Lanka to pursue enhanced trade partnerships with India to develop Sri Lanka as a key maritime player in the region, Masakorala said.

“We’re not only looking at partnerships in the Maritime sector, but also all types of sectors including the expanded logistics arena.”

Masakorala further said that Sri Lanka should be opening its friendly relationships with countries to come and put capital in Sri Lanka and to increase business volumes out of the country which will benefit the country in a big way in the long run.

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