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Train services to resume tomorrow

Train services within the Western Province will be resumed from tomorrow.

However, only the season ticket holders are allowed to travel by trains initially according to the recomendations made by the health Authorities.

Transport Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi said that train tickets will not be issued and Police Ofiicers will also be deployed to railway stations instead of railway security officers to check season tickets of commuters.

Minister further said around 133 train turns will be deployed on all major railway lines including main line, Northern line, coastal line Kelani Vally line and Puttalam railway line from tomorrow.

Accordingly, 70 train engines, 500 compartments and 65 power sets will be deployed to the fleet.

Train services have been temporarily suspended for nearly past three month due to the pandemic situation.

The Minister further said that the government expects to resume interprovincial train service from November 1.

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