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Nestlé Coconut Plan with Coconut Cultivation Board assists over 1,000 rural families

Fifth phase launched in the Ampara District
Highlights from the event
Highlights from the event

The fifth phase of the Nestlé Coconut Plan was launched on 10 November 2021, in Aranthalawa, Maha Oya,where 1,000 more farmers and out growers were presented with5,000 hybrid coconut plantlets and organic fertilizer. Conducted in partnership with the Coconut Cultivation Board of Sri Lanka, this phase will focus on organic farming, to ensure the growth of high-quality produce, while preserving soil fertility and moisture, and conserving biodiversity.

“Much-loved by generations of Sri Lankans, coconut has been an integral part of our lives, both culturally and economically. However, in the last few years, the supply of coconut was affected by drought and crop diseases, impacting the livelihoods of many. Therefore, it gives us immense pleasure to be a part of this public-private partnership, which is helping rural families grow more resilient coconut varieties in non-traditional coconut growing areas” said Mrs. Madhavi Herath, Chairperson of the Coconut Cultivation Board.

Launched by Nestlé and the Coconut Cultivation Board in 2016, Nestlé Coconut Plan supports 4,000 farmers today. This coconut development initiative offers its participants free hybrid coconut plantlets, technical assistance and intense training and development programmes. It has also established five model farms to help farmers and outgrowers benchmark best practice, latest of which will focus on organic farming methods. “This is a rewarding opportunity for us, to be able to help Sri Lanka gain self-sufficiency in coconut and support farming practices that are good for the planet and good for our communities. As we embark on a journey toward regeneration, we look forward to providing our farmers the required assistance to adopt organic farming practices to ensure their farms will be both sustainable and profitable. Our ambition is to continue help protect, renew and restore food systems at scale, one step at a time” said Jason Avancena, Managing Director of Nestlé Lanka. Nestlé has operatedin Sri Lanka for over 115 years.

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