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Fresh literary pursuits in the 21st century

Hill country is called Malaiaham. The estate population were looked down on by people in other places. They were called plantation workers. But now there are more professionals like educationists are rapidly bringing about vast changes in the environment. The literary awakening among the educated people among them is surprisingly amazing and proves that they are not second to others in the North, East, West and South.

A former MP, Thilakar (also known as Mallikaipoo Thilakar) is just one individual who has become one of the resource people on Malayha Literary and Culture. His prowess and analytical mind were exhibited in his speeches in the Parliament. He is an enterprising young intellectual. This is not the place to tell you more about him or other Malayaha writers. There is the time needed for me to do that.

My purpose is to mention some of the pom written by Aru. Sivananthan, who was an expatriate hill country poet who passed away in south India

Thilakar who has a publishing house called Bhagya Publication in Star square Hatton has collected Aru Sivananthan’s poems into a book form called “Vanna Sirahukal Kavithaikal”.( Poems of Colourful Wings). This is a republication of an edition published in India.

One of the poet’s poems is called ‘Sentru varukiren jenma bhoomiye’ (I will go and come, my birthland). It’s a long poem. Many of his poems are naturally politics-oriented. His, moral indignation of the environment is understandable. Revolutionary in outlook.

It is better if they are translated into Sinhala for many Lankans can empathize with him of the wretched life the inmates are forced to live.

I hope the present Government is seriously looking into uplifting the standard of living of these unfortunate people. The book of 62 pages is priced at 300 rupees.

Anthony Jeeva, C Pannerchlvam, Thilagar and the poet himself have added essays that are deep analyses of the poet. Congratulations Thilagar for your significant recording of Malayaha awakened history of literary development.

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