‘Govt’s financial management system does not benefit the poor’ | Daily News

‘Govt’s financial management system does not benefit the poor’

Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) National Organizer Tissa Attanayake expressed his dissatisfaction over the Government’s poor financial management system that benefits only its friends and ignores the welfare of the people.

Speaking to the media, Attanayake said when people are undergoing immense hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government is using its financial resources to provide for the needs of its friends by starting unnecessary projects and allowing them to earn money lavishly from these projects.

“Even during this pandemic period, the Government is earning colossal sums of money in various ways and this money could be utilized for poor fishermen and farmers to fulfill their needs and also to reduce the cost of living in the country,” Attanayake said.

He said records show that thousands of the country’s educated people have now started leaving the country for employment in foreign countries.

Attanayake also talked about the still unresolved fertilizer issue and said the Government has reversed its plans at the last moment and such a situation has badly affected over half a million farmers. He also highlighted the unemployment problem which is steadily increasing and said Government should start new employment generating projects to resolve this burning issue.

He recalled how former Presidents started free trade zones and apparel industries to provide employment to millions of young people.

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