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Easter Sunday attacks

Cardinal appeals to Catholic clergy to seek exposure of culprits

Colombo Archbishop His Eminence Malcolm Ranjith made a strong appeal to the Catholic clergy in the country to continue to seek exposure of the real culprits of the Easter Sunday attacks.

The Cardinal was speaking during his first Holy Mass at the renovated Wadduwa Chatholic Church, on Tuesday (23).

“We are wearing crowns not like actors in a teledrama, but a crown of suffering for the victims of the Easter Sunday attacks,” His Eminence said. He said those who were appointed to look into the recommendations made in the Easter Sunday Attacks report are not interested in carrying out the necessary actions and if they are unable to perform their duties, they should hand over the task to people who can do it.

“We don’t do politics here. We do not want to take revenge. But what we want is to get to know the truth,” the Archbishop of Colombo said.

He added that the Catholic church in Sri Lanka would continue their struggle until the truth comes out, and made a firm request to all Catholic clergy to be united and stand together until the persons responsible for the attacks are exposed.

“We, the Catholic clergy cannot escape from this issue. So I firmly request all our Fathers to be united in the struggle against this injustice, risking our lives, because we live for the Catholic people,” His Eminence said.

“Those who were to go home after the Easter Sunday Holy Mass on April 21, 2019, fell victim to tragedy,” the Cardinal said. “Some lost all their family members and some were permanently disabled. The suffering in their hearts and minds can’t be expressed in words. It will be possible someday when the real persons responsible for this tragedy are revealed and exposed to society.”

“We should find answers to the questions as to why and who committed these dastardly attacks.

We should bravely come forward to safeguard this country which has a noble history. Let us not allow another tragedy like the Easter Sunday attacks to happen again,” His Eminence said. A number of members of the Maha Sangha and several Catholic priests including the parish priest of the Wadduwa Church, Fr. Gayan Prashantha participated in the event.

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