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Free Media Movement condemns attacks on journalists in Kinniya

The Free Media Movement in a statement yesterday said that they strongly condemn the attacks on journalists, who went to report the Kinniya incident.

The FMM urged the government to conduct an investigation into the attack and bring those responsible to justice.

The statement also says:

It is the responsibility of the government to enforce law and order in any part of the country. Three journalists who went to cover the accident of a ferry capsizing in the Kinniya area in Trincomalee have been assaulted by a group of people, who were waiting at the scene.

Abdul Salam Mohammad Yasim, a local correspondent for Lake House’s Thinakaran newspaper, was attacked by a group of men who snatched his smartphone.

He has lodged a complaint regarding this at the Kinniya Police Station under CIB (1) 10/291. Shakthi News First correspondent H.S.M. Halaldeen and Thinakaran journalist A.L.M. Rafaideen were also assaulted, when Yaseem was attacked and reporting was obstructed and they had been chased away.

As the Kinniya incident is a highly sensitive and socially accountable issue, the right of the media to cover all relevant and accurate information should not be questioned or obstructed by any party. Therefore, the Free Media Movement condemns this attack and the obstruction of the professional work of journalists by any party as a serious incident.

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