Moratuwa University experts’ technical report handed over to CAA today | Daily News

Moratuwa University experts’ technical report handed over to CAA today

The technical report related to incidents of gas cylinder explosions and leaks will be handed over to the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) today, Moratuwa University’s Chemical and Process Engineering Department Head, Prof. Shantha Walpalage said.

He told the Daily News, that an expert Committee comprising two Professors and two Lecturers holding Doctorates compiled the report, and it contains two main recommendations to deal with the prevailing situation.

Prof. Walpalage, however, refused to disclose the said recommendations to the media, stating that the CAA would make an official statement.

The Professor said the report included what could happen when the composition of Butane and Propane has been changed in the LP domestic gas cylinder. He added that the University does not have the specific laboratory facilities to check the composition of the gas cylinders and therefore obtained sample reports from an independent body in order to provide their technical views on the matter.

Asked whether the Committee Members would take part in the Consultative Committee Meeting in Parliament today, he said they had not been invited to it as of yesterday afternoon.

Police said they had received complaints of 16 LP gas related explosions across the country within a 24 hour period ended yesterday noon and all of them involved Litro Gas cylinders.

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