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‘ISAs play key role in directing teachers towards right path’

Kalutara Zonal Education Director Ajith Wickramarachchi said that the In-Service Advisors (ISAs) have a key role in raising awareness among the teachers who could hurt students for a 'wrong word 'they utter in their classrooms.

“The ISAs are the main coordinators who build up a link between schools and the Zonal Education Office (ZEO ). Therefore, when teachers encounter any difficulty in connecting with the Education Office or a student, an ISA is the very first person a teacher contacts and conveys the problem. Therefore, an ISA has to play another role of a Counsellor though the ISA is not professionally trained in counselling," Wickramarachchi said.

Ajith Wickramarachchi was addressing participants at a ceremony to hand over appointment letters to 37 ISAs of the Kalutara Zonal Education Office on December 23 at the Kalutara Zonal Education Office Auditorium.

He made an appeal to the ISAs to make attempts to give an opportunity for the children in Grade Five Classes to score at least 100 marks at the Scholarship Exam and O /L students to get at least six subjects and three passes so the talented students to proceed.

The Education Director said that he was very happy that the ISAs who had long been facing so many troubles, disturbances and many problems such as protest campaigns, work-to-rule campaigns, strikes and picketing during the last decades having this historical moment of receiving appointment letters as ISAs. He told them to work hard as usual for the benefit of the students and also expressed his displeasure about several ISAs who left the job during the last few years, claiming that this appointment letters must be letters to absorb them into the permanent service.

The event was organised by the Senior ISAs of the Kalutara Zone. Assistant Education Director Ruvini Deepani, Kalutara Educational Zone Deputy Director Thilak De Silva and the four Divisional Directors in the Kalutara Zone were present.

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