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Snapshots somewhere on a hill-country

Alasal is a vague term in Tamil as far as I am concerned. It may be Analysis in some way. Never Mind. the purpose Is to introduce a woman journalist, Jeeva Sathasivam, who is perhaps the first woman to write a column covering the politics, particularly, the politics of Malayaham (hill-county) in a Tamil newspaper. Although other women have written reports and interviews of politicians, so far nobody has written a regular column.

This is a 312-page book in Tamil on contemporary political situations ( 2017/ 2018} compiled in Jeeva Sathasivam ‘s columns that were published in the Virakesari, a leading national Tamil newspaper. She was a journalist attached to that paper. Since of late, she is working as a freelancer and editing a literary tabloid of the Tamil newspaper, Tamilan.

She hails from Malayaham (hill-country) and is married. An energetic and enterprising young woman, Jeeva was in charge of a weekly literary page called Sangamam (Meeting Point) in the Virakesari.

This book is published by Kumaran Book House (both in Colombo and Chennai) which Is selective in academic-oriented quality books. S.Ganeshalingan, a Marxist bent pioneer political- historical novelist, who passed away recently, was the owner of this Brookhouse and his son Kumaran handled all the publishing work in Colombo.

One needs a separate article to write about the father and the son.

The book is priced at Rs.695

Coming back to the main topic, we find the author has 64 topics to introduce and analyse in her own ways the political happenings in our counter during the. past decades of 2017 and 2018.

It is better if I translate into English the headings of her columns, which speak for what she is interested in commenting than my commenting on her viewpoints. Nevertheless, I shall comment on the writer’s proficiency in writing such a subject.

Before that, May I list in English her titles?

01. Anusha’s ( hill country woman) political entry

02. Aging and maturity in politics

03. Political Bearers and Bearers Politics.

04. Politics and Business

05. Will ‘Good Governance’ will govern the rot?

06. Meaningless May Day

07. A Letter to Modi

08. Mody at Norwood - Recalling Past history.

09. Why Tamil Nādu Teachers to Malayaham?

10. Should we continue allowing disasters to happen?

11. Hatred Speech

12. When Facebook is connected...

13. ‘Good Governance’ stings with Garbage.

14. For whom is the Right to Information Law?

15. Opposition to Uma Oya Scheme Maithri supports. Is it politics or social benefit?

16. The Opposition that wrangles the power of good governance

17. The Politics of the Animals

18. The Local Government Elections: Mixed Voting / confusing voting?

19. The Hill country that is not absorbed in Local Government elections

20. Women in Politics:: Even if Law Permits, Would Society permit?

21. For whom is the Implementation of Tamil Language?

22. The downfall of Tea Plantation and the arrival of ‘Mullu Thengai’

23. Resigning Ministers - Politics

24 Office for those made as disappeared; Is it for counting ? or an eyewash?

25 Local Government Elections: Backdrop for Delay.

26 Politics of Women and Corruption

27 Malayaham and Medicinal Care

28 Parliament and the Minorities

29 Children and Cutout Marks

30 The affairs of prisoners and political approaches

31 Malayaham and Land Deeds

32 Parliament and ‘Bomb’ attack

33 Petrol and Politics

34 Budget: Deficit and Gap

35 Corruption and Inquiries

36 Good Governance shaken by Local Governments

37 Media: Reliable or Assumptive?

38 Elections and Crossovers

39 Thank God Tea Industry.

40 Politics and Acting

41 Good Governance: Then one, Today two, and tomorrow what?

42 Authority: Does it depends on the period of holding the position?

43 Entering non-partisan and slowly becoming partisan

44 Who could be the next President?

45 Symbols and Thoughts

46 Politics of’ ‘Numbers’

47 Politics of different Groups

48 Politics in South Indian Tamil Cinema

49 Politics of women: Is there a change or is it a disappointment

50 Faith and non-Faith Motions

51 Malayaham people and Legal Documents

52 Women in Politics and Violence against them

53 Karunanidhi’s Life turns History

54 No-Confidence Motion: Who was defeated

55 New Year and New Parliament

56 Freedom in the Media: Lanka’s Position

57 What will happen in 2020?

58 Gota’s suggestive signal

59 Is it a Life and Death struggle for Daily Wages?

60 The Village is developing but where is the society?

61 Continuous failure but contracts continue

62 Dynastic Politics

63 Joint Contracts- is it one or two?

64 Parties crossover and changing scenes.

Her interpretations are hers, I may or may not agree with some of her views. But she is a perceptive and knowledgeable journalist as she is educated.

This volume is a valuable documentation for future writers as he discusses men, matter, and facts.

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