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Breathing new life to literary world


There is a breed of Sri Lankan novelists who are yet to be identified and recognized.

We see the same clan of authors being felicitated and recognized every year at award ceremonies in the country. True, works of these seniors are of great quality. However, this monotony of award ceremonies has to change shedding light on evolution of the Sri Lankan literaryfield.

Innovative young writers who lack marketing support and who experience various other hindrances lie low and this scenario is very detrimental for the growth of the Sri Lankan literary field.

Hence it is high time the book publishers and organizers of award ceremonies (for books)harnessed the creativity of promisingwriters (English, Sinhala and Tamil) dispersed throughout the country and made a mechanism to recognize them.

ShyamaleePathirana is a resourceful author who has done a marvel with her very first novel, ‘SansaraSihinaya’. The story revolves around the reincarnation of a child and a single mother. The way the author has harnessed and managed a host of characters in this mind boggling story is remarkable and it would remind one of Agatha Christie’s novels. The novel is of excellent standard and a reader would never think, this is the first novel of the author. ‘SansaraSihinaya’ is a Godage publication.

Shyamaleeherself is a young mother. Hailing from the down south and born to a business family, shehas had a creative mind from her schooling days. Observing behavioral patterns of people of diverse strata in the society and mingling with friends has been her hobby.

“I had no urge to write a novel until I became a mother. Once I imagined, if a child is abandoned by his/her own mother, what would become of that child. I lived with that thought for about a year. Then suddenly the idea of writing a novel having this theme as its USP came into my mind and the rest is history”, says Shyamali.

One would not keep the book aside to have a cup of tea even as its grip is so strong.Thusthe book has the power to keep its reader intact until the end. Shyamalee’s book if translated into English would surely create a global appeal.

ShyamaleePathiranahas written two more brand new novels and is looking for a potential publisher for her upcoming books. 

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