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Cop transferred over shooting attempt

A constable who attempted to open fire at the Wanduramba Police OIC was transferred to Udugama Police with immediate effect and admitted to the Karapitiya Hospital on the recommendations of the psychiatrist who examined him, Galle SSP Office sources said.

While clearing a land to construct a building for the Wanduramba Police, it was essential to remove several trees. Thereafter, approval of senior police officers and the Divisional Secretary had been sought in this regard. Subsequently, the Divisional Secretary had informed the issue to the State Timber Corporation. On Wednesday (12), Timber Corporation officers had met the sergeant involved in the incident and felled several trees. Meanwhile, the OIC had gone to the Galle Magistrate’s Court for proceedings.

Upon his arrival, the OIC had noticed that Timber Corporation officials had felled several other trees as well. Then the OIC had inquired about it from the relevant police officer and he had told the OIC that he had no clue. The Police Officer who then became angry had come to the weapon box to get a gun, but he had been prevented by other officers.

The Galle SSP’s Office is investigating.


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