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Thai Pongal Message:

‘An opportunity for friendship and mutual understanding between human beings’

Following is the message of Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa on the occasion of Thai Pongal.

“Happy Thai Pongal!”

“Today is the day of Thai Pongal festival which is celebrated with much devotion by all the Hindus in the world. This festival is based on Hindu people who inherit a life of agriculture offering the first harvest to the Sun God in the prosperous New Year and it is a festival that has been revered by Hindu devotees for a long time.”

“This festival is celebrated by Hindus all over the world with the objective of spreading loving kindness and compassion to human beings, animals as well as to nature. Thai Pongal festival can be described also as an opportunity for friendship between human beings as well as mutual understanding.”

“On the day of Thai Pongal, houses and shrines are decorated with Kolam or Rangoli designs. The main ritual of this festival is the preparation of Pongal rice. It is cooked in a beautiful clay pot outdoors. It is customary to offer the first offering to the Sun God. Thai Pongal festival also makes way for sharing Pongal rice cooked with great reverence with the neighbours reflecting the meaning of mutual cooperation, hospitality, friendship and reconciliation.”

“At a time when there is an acute need for more and more intimacy with nature, cultural festivals such as Thai Pongal, which are associated with nature, necessarily become more and more meaningful. Such wonderful celebrations paving the way for pleasant lifestyles add so much significance to the friendly coexistence of human beings.”

“May this Thai Pongal day be a devotional and joyous day that pays homage to human beings, animals and nature.”

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