CEB to restore Lakvijaya power plant before January 31 | Daily News
Generator broke down due to hydrogen cooler spill:

CEB to restore Lakvijaya power plant before January 31

The Ceylon Electricity Board yesterday told the Daily News that they expect to restore the 300 MW power generator at Lakvijaya Coal Power Plant by the end of this month.

The recent breakdown of the Lakvijaya Power Plant as well as the damage to a power unit at Kelanitissa Thermal Power Station has raised public concerns about the CEB’s capacity to ensure uninterrupted electricity generation.

According to sources at Lakvijaya Coal Power Plant in Norochcholai, Puttalam, the station’s power unit has suffered damage and a turbine failure.

He said investigations revealed that the hydrogen used to cool the generator had spilled.

“We are correcting the power plant’s hydrogen leak, which necessitates tests after each repair. We must locate the source of the leak,” he said.

When we asked a Deputy General Manager, in charge of the Lakvijaya facility how the power plant had broken down, he said he had given a report about it to a Media Secretary and refused details about it.

CEB trade unions, including the CEB Technicians Union, said the power outage that had been experienced last month (December 3) was not due to a technical failure.

CEB Technicians’ Union President Kosala Abeysinghe said the December 3 power outage was intentionally engineered by saboteurs from within as per CID investigations.

When asked what their motive may be, Abeysinghe stated that there are some high CEB officials who are eager for emergency power purchases since they would benefit substantially from such transactions.

“These CEB engineers wield considerable power in electricity transmission and procurement transactions.” They have different political objectives and their own ambition to be all-powerful in the electricity generation domain,” he explained.

“These folks are well organized, as would the Government Medical Officers Association, who after obtaining certain powers from the government, exploited those same authorities to create problems for the government.”

“They, the CEB Engineers’ Union, have been treading in the same path,”he added.

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