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Church grenade similar to hospital incident - Minister

Public Security Minister Dr.Sarath Weerasekera yesterday said that what has happened at All Saint’s Church,Borella is similar to the incident that occurred at a private hospital in Narahenpita.

The Minister said that the individual who was arrested in connection with the incident at Borella, is someone who had worked at the church for a period of 10 months and that he had accepted the incident.

He also said that suspects connected to crimes go into hiding when information that should be given the police, are shown or aired on media.“Such action will obstruct the investigations too,” he said.

The Minister pointed out that the person has accepted the fact that he was the one who placed the grenade at the place place where it was found.

Minister Weerasekera who said that matches, sticks of incense and tape had been discovered in the suspect’s room and emphasized the fact that the statement saying that the manner in which investigations are being carried out is wrong and incorrect is not fair.

He pointed out further that, issuing statements that tend to make people lose their trust in the police becomes a huge problem in continuing with police investigations.

The Minister made these comments while expressing his view to the media after opening the new police station at Nungamuwa.

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