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E-procurement to help speed up development projects

Youth Affairs, Sports and Development Coordination and Monitoring Minister Namal Rajapaksa highlighted the importance of expediting the country’s large-scale development projects and said that introducing e-procurement (electronic procurement) will benefit the relevant Government officials to carry out their tasks within a short period.

Minister Rajapaksa made these remarks during a meeting he had with senior officials in the Development Coordination and Monitoring Ministry. Minister Rajapaksa said the major task of the Ministry was to monitor the country’s on-going large-scale development projects and also to look into the progress of all other Government development projects. He advised officials in charge of their respective projects to complete the work in the given timeframe.

Officials will be granted necessary funds without any delay to carry out the projects. The Minister said during the last few months his Ministry had monitored the on-going work of many projects countrywide and identified various shortcomings. He said he was happy to see the final stages of many projects and expressed his satisfaction over these projects that could be completed within a short duration.

“In the meantime we identified the long delays in several projects and the final stages of such projects could be expedited with the introduction of the e-procurement system,” Minister Rajapaksa said. The Minister further said his Ministry has to complete the work of major construction work in the country during the first four months of this year and achieve the targets as early as possible.

Minister Rajapaksa also said the Finance Ministry has decided to grant necessary funds for construction projects.

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