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Personal Data Protection Bill in House



The Personal Data Protection Bill was presented in Parliament yesterday.

The Bill provides for the regulation of processing of personal data; to identify and strengthen the rights of data subjects in relation to the protection of personal data; to provide for the designation of the Data Protection Authority; and related matters. The Bill to provide for the Regulation of Processing of Personal Data (2021) (‘the PDP Bill’) was published, on November 25 2021, in the Gazette of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, dated November 19,2021.

The publication of the PDP Bill follows Cabinet approval of the Draft Act formulated by the Legal

Draftsman’s Department earlier in 2021. Accordingly, the PDP Bill was presented for Readings in Parliament yesterday.

The government is required through this Bill to establish a legal framework to provide for mechanisms for the protection of personal data of data subjects ensuring consumer trust and safeguarding privacy whilst respecting domestic written laws and applicable international legal instruments. Sri Lanka does not have any consolidated and/or specific laws on data protection now. There are several data protection-enabled legislation that are industry-specific. However, such legislation does not provide a definition for the term ‘data’ nor specific provisions for implementation.

The Second Reading of the Personal Data Protection Bill will be taken up today (21).

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