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One of a kind

Lahiru Perera, known as ‘La Signore’ on stage, is one of a kind. A bubbly and fun character to be with, he would be anybody’s choice to hang out and chill to have an interesting time. Never would he have thought that his first single would skyrocket to fame all across Asia, and turn him into a successful music producer, musician and even continue to have his own perfume range and merchandise. No other Sri Lankan musician has had this achievement, and Lahiru is a person who always does something out of the extraordinary.

He was recently appointed as one of the Judges for ‘Sirasa Voice Teen’ and is super exited to bring young talent to the Sri Lankan music arena. Lahiru’s journey towards fame, of course, was not a miracle, but an exquisite result of talent and commitment. As a result of these qualities, he has now become one of the most sought after musicians in Sri Lanka, and a brand ambassador for most well-known trade names.


Q: How are everything going these days?

All good! Happy that things are looking up.

Q: You were appointed as one of the judges on ‘Sirasa Voice Teen 2002’.

I am obviously excited and looking forward to exploring the opportunities of sending young Sri Lankan talent to the international arena.

Q: What inspired you to enter the music field?

My sister who did well in her O/Level exam was presented an electric organ by my Dad. She never used it, but I did! It was me used it always and played my own music. No one understood what I was playing - but the main idea was to write my own my songs. Although the noises I was making may have been terrible to listen to. Ha, ha…

Q: During your school days, what did you give priority to?

I was the Orchestra Head of (Gan Dharwa) at DS Senenayake College - even though I ended up qualifying in my favourite subject Mathematics. That was the platform to proceed with my Audio Engineering Career in Singapore and what a ride that happened to be!

Q: What did you want to do and become?

That’s exactly what I did and what happened! Pressure from home and parents was computing at APPIT. Stopped on my third year and was on my way to Singapore where I wanted to pursue my Audio Engineering craze.

Q: You became a household name after your ‘Rambari’ release in 2008. How would you recall the beginning of your musical career?

Here comes a secret not many in Sri Lanka are aware of. Manuranga, my dear friend, who was studying Hotel Management, loved writing songs. We were close buddies and he wrote Ramabari for me! ThAt was the first song he wrote and that was my first Baila song! Never thought I could sing Baila. But jeez, it sounded super! I felt here comes the hit of my life. Phew, it’s been 13 years and I am so happy we put this unique song together.

Q: What were the best moments of your music career?

One word - Rambar

Q: What was the best experiences you have had?

I have had good experiences and bad experiences. But honestly, the bad experiences has taught me many lessons to enjoy good experiences.

Q: You’re the Brand ambassador of several commercial products. The most interesting thing is, you also have a perfume line named ‘La Signore’.

What I do, I need to love and do it with passion that becomes in my books the perfect recipe to a happy life.

So I created a brand called ‘La Signore’. A perfumer felt my brand is just what he wanted. Who would believe that the thought provokes ended up producing same. I am the first South Asian Star Musician to launch his own perfume brand. Actually a bit mind boggling is all that it took but anything is possible on planet earth.

Q: Who are your favourite musicians, both local and international?

Local the one and only Sunil Uncle and, of course, Bruno Mars.

Q: How was it like working as a music producer for the band ‘Daddy’?

More so Audio Engineering instead of producing. The experiences gained up to date is immeasurable.

Q: What do you think of the present situation of the Sri Lankan music scene?

The Sri Lankan business is ever evolving. Look at what we musicians in Sri Lanka have produced over the last ten years – it’s a tremendous expansion of the industry It’s good to be a musician or be part of the industry in general. So many opportunities are available for a career by itself.

Q: Now with the relaxation of guidelines, musical shows have started, both indoor and outdoor. Musicians have started to perform gradually. Do you see this as a positive outcome to rejuvenate the music scene back to its normal status?

A: Definitely, yes. I hope it status quo remains.

Q: What would you say to the upcoming artistes in the music field, and also to those who wish to join?

Be yourself. The world needs you, come join us.

Q: Anything new coming up?

Stand by for my next ballad, ‘Aswasa’ .This is a gift from me to my fans who love

ballads. ‘Aswasa’ is a gift from me to my fans who loved ‘Lebendiye and Hawasake Ma’. Another little secret - keep your eyes and ears open for an international Rambari collaboration. I extend blessings to my fans worldwide.

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