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Eye opener opener

Harsha Maduranga Jayasekara is a popular Sri Lankan photographer, lecturer, trainer, photography judge and a writer with over a decade of professional experience, specialized in wedding, fine art and portrait photography.

He is also the co-founder of the popular wedding studio, ‘Foto Station’ which he established in the heart of Colombo in 2009, to suit every photographic need and produce best and high quality results. ‘Foto Station’ also caters to serve in a truly specialized manner for couples on their very special day. It offers a diverse range of services which include wedding photography, destination weddings, product photography, portrait photography, family photo shoots corporate event photography.

A proud product of Nalanda College, Colombo, he further gained academic knowledge on photography with a Diploma from the National Photographic Art Society of Sri Lanka. He became the batch top and the island first in his 3 years’ diploma. He has many achievements and accolades to his credit – including a Diploma in Writership and Communications - University of Sri Jayawardenapura. Harsha showcased his debut solo exhibition on art photography – ‘Pixel Art’ at Harold Peiris Gallery in October 2010. Harsha’s skills do not end from there – he is the only Sri Lankan photographer to win gold medals in two consecutive years in the world’s largest photographic competition- Trierenberg Super Circuit. He went on to win FIAP medals and PSA medals. He is anExecutive Director of the National Photographic Art Society of Sri Lankaand alsoPresident of Photographic Federation of Sri Lanka. In this regard, as a professional photographer, he has gained many local and international accolades in photography. He was also selected as the wedding photographer of the year 2012, Winner – Best Wedding Couple Photograph 2011, Best Wedding Photo 2010.

As a lecturer at the University of Kelaniya and many more photography institutions in Sri Lanka, he speaks of his achievements as fulfilling a dream and a goal which he had for a long time.

“Every achievement in artistic photography is almost pursuing dream. Also, international wedding photography is a huge challenge. We have to compete with professional and highly qualified wedding photographers in worlds most developed nations in the international arena,” he said.

He says, “It’s a long journey which included a lot of sacrifices and commitments. There’s nobody to give advice or instruct you on what to do. There is no other person in our country who had reached that position in Sri Lanka. I really think that it is something like believing in yourself and pursuing a dream. I sincerely feel happy and proud of myself for being so. Actually most countries and foreign photographers got to know about Sri Lanka because of my achievement.”

Harsha stands in parallel among the top wedding photographers in the world by winning gold, silver and bronze medals in at Wedding photography competitions such as Wedding & Portrait Photographers International – USA, Wedding Photographera Europe Community – Europe, Photo Wedding Stories – Italy, Asian Wedding Photographers Association - Hong Kong, Cosmos Awards. He’s the only wedding photographer in Sri Lanka to win such an accolade. Adding more feathers into his cap, he was nominated for the top 20 wedding photographers organized by the Asian Wedding Photographers Association in 2018. Also in 2021, he was selected as the winner of the ‘From Above’ category, International Wedding Photographer of the year competition in 2018. This is considered as a major milestone in his career and also being able to take Sri Lanka to the global community. Up to now, he has been able to secure his place as one of the most award winning photographers in Sri Lanka, and also as one of the most sought after wedding photographers.

He gives a clear definition of photography in general mentioning that the word ‘Photography’ derives from a Greek word. In Greek language it gives a meaning such as ‘drawing through light’. He says this is a subject which clearly connects with Art and Science.

“Photography is a science and art mixed subject. We can learn science, but art comes through inborn talent. Today, the subject of photography is very advanced. Nowadays anybody with a phone can take a photo. There are people in Sri Lanka who take photos but have no idea of how to take a photo from an artistic angle.’ If you take a foreign photographer, it’s definitely an art piece. Be it wedding photography, wildlife, fashion or event photography, it should be artistic. Photography has its own areas, close ups, wide shots etc. I must say that most people, especially wedding couples who come for photoshoots only want to highlight their faces and features without thinking about the other aspects of the photo,” Harsha pointed out.

Harsha mentions that its mostly the educated crowd such as health, engineering services and corporate sector professionals who come to him to get photoshoots. He further says that his plan is to create at least one unique and artistic photo of a wedding couple. Mentioning about his future aspirations, he also hopes to hold a wedding photography exhibition on his own soon. It is to give a glimpse of what wedding photography and professional photography can really do and their amazing aspects.

It also aims to take the subject of photography to the next level by giving a clear definition of its true purpose.

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