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Spices, allied products rake in Rs.103 bn in 2021

The Export Agriculture Department said a record income of Rs.103 billion was earned from the export of spices and allied products last year.

According to Department’s Development Director Janaka Liyandara, 65,000 metric tonnes of spices and connected products were exported in order to earn this income. Liyandara made this comment at a media briefing held yesterday (16) at the Export Agriculture Department in Peradeniya.

The Director said that it was possible to earn Rs.45,000 million only by exporting 18,000 metric tonnes of cinnamon allied products and it was possible to achieve relevant targets due to the high demand for Sri Lankan spices that prevail in countries such as Europe, America and the Middle-East.

With the cessation of the importation of locally produced spices, new entrants have been added to these crop cultivation activities he said and emphasized that with this revival, the Export Agriculture Department will implement an investment assistance programme for anyone eager to set up spice processing centres or export businesses.

He said that the Department is always ready to give necessary advice to increase the productivity of lands and to create new cultivated lands.

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