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Galle Face protest

Magistrate orders Police to report any breach of the peace

Colombo Additional Magistrate Harshana Kekunawela yesterday ordered the Fort Police to report any incident of riotous or a breach of the peace at the protest at Galle Face Green in Colombo.

The Police stated that there is heavy traffic congestion in the Fort Police area where the protest is being held and that other forces have been deployed for extra security.

It is also reported that the protesters would be investigated by the Police using photos that the protestors may be resorting to public persecution. Police also said that non-perishable waste and unauthorised loudspeakers which they are being used have caused environmental damage.

There have also been reports of some thefts and the death of a man named Mohamed Siras, a resident of Colombo 6, Police said.

Police said that more than 100 makeshift tents have been set up on the pavement opposite the Presidential Secretariat using cloth and iron pipes, causing great distress to the public.

Police stated that the people had requested on social media to stage a protest demanding the resignation of all the Ministers and Parliamentarians on April 9.

Following the revelation, the Security Forces were called in to prevent the incident and the Police had reported to Court that steps had been taken to maintain peace in the event of a riot and Police officers had also been deployed at the entrance to the Presidential Secretariat.

Police informed Court that people from various parts of the country had been gathering in the Fort area since then and that they themselves had mentioned that they were not members of any political group or organisation.

Chief Inspector of the Fort Police S. Weerasuriya stated that if people come to this place and any riot occurs, they will submit a ‘B’ report to Court.

After considering the facts contained in the report, the Magistrate instructed the Fort Police to report to Court in case of any riotous incident or a breach of the peace at the Galle Face protest site.



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