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Elegance touched fabrics from Pakistani hands

The appreciation of beauty is universal. It is found in almost every society in the world. Some designers such as Pakistani designer Mahwish Mughal express their appreciation of beauty by creating fabrics - beautiful and elegant fabrics. Mughal’s fabrics give great aesthetic pleasure to those that touch and see them. Daily News visited the Women’s International Clubrecently to have a chat with Mughal about her passion in life which is the creation of these beautiful fabrics.

She was in Sri Lanka for business and pleasure. For her, creating these fabrics gives her pleasure and that is her business as well. There is a great demand for Pakistani products in Sri Lanka.

“I want my Pakistani culture to be accepted in Sri Lanka. Both our countries are friendly with each other. We share a strong bond. I love Sri Lanka. I have good friends over here and I feel the people in Sri Lanka are very hospitable. I have fond memories of a Sri Lankan teacher in my Pakistani school. So, my bond with Sri Lanka is strong. I am passionate about introducing to Sri Lanka some of my own products that portray the unique aesthetic sense. My products are trendy and fashionable,” said Mughal.

These creations of Mughal exhibited at the Women’s International Club, involved a different kind of workmanship. Every piece on display was the result of love, great effort and commitment. The organic block print goes into 16–18 processes and up to 15 days to achieve this premium fabric. There was no chemical dye involved; they were all vegetable and fruit dyes. It involves the washing of fabric seven times in the flowing river water to make it a cooler and breezier fabric. Once you wear it, it feels so light. This is ideal for the climate in Sri Lanka. So, that is what brings Mughal here.

The creation of ‘Ajrah’ hand block paintings from Sindh goes back 5,000 years ago. It is an important part of the culture of Pakistan’s Sindh Province.

“In Pakistan, different provinces have different types of handwork. I usually cater handwork, because I feel that this field is starting to vanish from the scene itself. I want to promote the craftsmanship of Pakistan. I want to help these hard-working labourers who are struggling hard to make a living.”

From childhood, she has been admiring fashion. She loved to see people nicely dressed and groomed with beautiful accessories. She loves fashion and arts. That is what attracted her to this field.

“This is my second visit to Sri Lanka. I am doing this solo exhibition for the first time in Sri Lanka. This time I have got good clients and a good turnover. In Sri Lanka, I see that there is a demand for Batik. I can see Sri Lanka’s handcrafted wooden ornamental items are popular. I like them. They are nice and interesting. Apart from crafts, I like cooking as well. I like meeting different people and exploring different cultures. So, these are all stuff that I enjoy doing,” pointed out Mughal.

She is focused on taking the Pakistani culture to different parts of the world. She is passionate about promoting the vibrant culture of Pakistan. “I would like more people to enter the field of craftsmanship. Of course, they must be ready to work hard in the beginning. Never be disappointed because sometimes success comes slowly. In the beginning, you will have to take baby steps. If you love craftsmanship, I would say, go for it!” explained Mughal.

Her wish is that trade between Sri Lanka and Pakistan continues to flourish. She wants both countries to become closer and closer. Right now, like many other countries, Sri Lanka is also facing hard times, and it is her fervent hope that Sri Lanka comes out of it.


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