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Army Commander calls for patience and restraint

Defence Secretary assures impartial inquiry into attack

Defence Secretary Gen.(Rtd) Kamal Gunaratne said the government will conduct an impartial inquiry into Monday’s incidents.

He called on the people to extend their fullest support to the police and the Armed Forces to maintain law and order.

Addressing a media briefing yesterday, the Defence Secretary said, “I appeal to the public not to behave   in an unruly manner as the government will conduct an impartial investigation into Monday’s incidents. These are all citizens of our country. Therefore, please stop harming people and damaging private and public property as these are not the properties of outsiders but they belong to our own citizens. Under emergency law we have deployed the military troops to assist the police maintain law and order on a request made by them. However, I assure you that the military has been deployed only to maintain law and order and not to harass, shoot or hurt any of our citizens.”

Army Commander Shavendra Silva addressing the media briefing, appealed to the public to assist in ensuring all essential services to function normally.

“We appeal to the public to exercise patience and restraint and act intelligently during this crisis. The Tri-Forces have been deployed to ensure the protection of the public. As a country we need to move forward and we cannot do that by killing, destruction and mayhem.What has happened has already happened. Hence, I appeal to you all not to destroy property and to engage in peaceful protests if required. However, please don’t act in a destructive manner. I also appeal to you all to allow the essential services to function without any hindrance,” General Shavendra Silva added.

Beware, shooting ordered

The Defence Ministry yesterday said the Armed Forces have been ordered to open fire at any person involved in looting public property or causing physical harm to others.





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