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Making Kalutara pay for Galle Face mayhem

Residences of several Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) politicians in the Kalutara District have come under mob attacks on May 9.

Angry mobs reportedly have rushed to Payagala and had attacked and completely destroyed the home of former Cabinet Minister and Kalutara District SLPP Chief Organiser,Rohitha Abeygunawardena.

They had also damaged and destroyed the Minister's Office at Dharma Vijaya Temple Road,Kalutara South.

Meanwhile, hundreds of angry mobsters attacked and made extensive damages to the United National Party (UNP) Office in the Kalutara district former Parliamentarian Laxshmann Wijemanne at Sarananda Mawatha,Kalutara South,too.

Kalutara PS Chairman Sanjeewa Ariyarathna's home at Palathota,Wijayagama had also been severely attacked on May 9, and his motorcycle was completely burnt down by a group of unknown individuals. Frank Wasantha Silva,a UNP Pradeshiya Sabha Councillor of the Kalutara PS told the media that his residence in Nagoda, opposite the Kalutara General Hospital was also very severely attacked by hundreds of angry mobsters and said that he did not know the reason.

Former Kalutara District UNP Parliamentarian Luxshman Wijemanne's Office at Sarananda Mawatha,Kalutara South has also been destroyed on the same day by unknown individuals .

Three persons attached to the Kalutara PS,including its Chairman Sanjeewa Ariyaratne and two PS Councillors' homes had been arson attacked by marauding mobs and they had set fire to two vehicles of Frank Wasantha Silva, a UNP Councillor of the Kalutara PS. They had destroyed Wasantha's home partly by breaking some doors,windows and several furniture in Nagoda,Kalutara South.

On the same day, Panadura PS Chairman Waduge Hemantha Fernando's residence in Kaludewale, Panadura,has completely attacked and burnt down by angry mobsters,and almost all the household items had been destroyed,Hemantha Waduge told the Daily News.

Another Party Office of Former Minister Rohitha Abeygubawardena in Nalluruwa,Panadura was also attacked and destroyed by angry rampaging mobs.

Champika Perera, a pre- school teacher and Councillor of the Panadura PS told the Daily News that her home in Thalpitiya had also been surrounded and storned by some unknown thugs,whlie she was returning home from Colombo on May 9 at around 4.00pm and fortunately her home inmates and neighbours had peacefully compromised with these people and had made them turn back after her home was slightly damaged by pelting stones at it.

Meanwhile, another residence of Liyanage Chrishan Chaminda Perera (SLPP ) of the Panadura PS in Molligoda,Wadduwa, was attacked and partly destroyed, though he is a corrupt free and honest politician, residents of Molligoda said.


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