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Sarva Pakshika Aragalakaruwo launches 20-point policy framework in Colombo

The Sarva Pakshika Aragalakaruwo (an organization representing the anti-government protests) launched their 20-point policy framework in order to find solutions to the present economic and political crisis in the country yesterday in Colombo.

While stating that the people’s struggle which has spread throughout the country do not welcome the new government formed under the Premiership of Ranil Wickremesinghe. They said it is their sole request to form an interim government which would implement the policies listed by them on behalf of the country’s citizens.

The resignation of the incumbent President, appointment of an non partisan President for a period of one year, appointment of an interim government for a period of eighteen months only with 15 ministers, abolishment of the 20th amendment, restoration of the supply of essential items for the public, setting up a National Economic Management Council and expediting the judicial proceedings against the perpetrators of the Easter attack are some of the policy decisions suggested by the protesters.

A member of the organization, Manjula Samarasekara speaking to the media said that they believe none of the politicians will be able to uplift this country under the leadership of Rajapaksas.

“The main duty of the Prime Minister is to protect Rajapaksas. Therefore, we request him not to engage in political deals”, he said.

Nirashan Withanage, who is also a member of the organization said the incumbent Prime Minister has appointed a committee to facilitate the Galle Face protest site which he said is an attempt to make the protest a mess. “It is just a dream for them”, he said.

The policy framework was to be launched on May 9 and it was postponed due to the mob attack on protest sites on the same day, Samarasekara said.

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