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Karapitiya Hospital lacks anti-rabies vaccines

It is reported that the rabies immunization given for bites by dogs, cats and other mammals have run out of stock at the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital (KTH) .

Generally, 10-15 people after being bitten by animals come to get anti-rabies vaccination. However, the Karapitiya Hospital is now unable to provide the vaccination for patients with animal bites. This issue has posed a grave threat to the lives of people who seek medical treatment for such injuries, hospital sources said. A spokesperson of the hospital said that even though the rabies immunity vaccine was out of stock, the Hospital has the rabies serum vaccine that is given to those who are at high risk of permanently contracting rabies when bitten by a mad dog or another animal that is suspected of having rabies.

When asked about this, a spokesperson of the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital said that they were scheduled to receive rabies vaccinations in the next few days. However, they say that no hospital in Sri Lanka has the rabies vaccine now.


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