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Bus fare Hike: one bus association backtracks on earlier statement

National Transport Commission Director General Nilan Miranda yesterday said that one private bus association which earlier said that bus fares must be increased before June 28 in line with the fuel price hike is now saying that the bus fare hike should have been postponed.

This bus association earlier warned that bus operations would have been halted, if the bus fare increase did not come into effect before June 28. But we did not agree with their proposal and the bus fare revision was implemented on July 1 according to the annual interim bus fare policy,” he added.

This bus association demanded for a 20 percent bus fare hike during the previous round of discussions. Several other bus associations had demanded for a 30 percent price hike. But, all these private bus associations agreed to a 22 percent price hike approved by the NTC.

The NTC summoned all the private bus associations before calculating this year’s annual bus fare revision. According to the calculation, bus fares has been increased by 22 per cent considering 12 factors. When fuel prices were previously increased in April, we increased bus fares by 35 per cent though the calculation was 24 per cent, due to the request made by the bus associations. They agreed to reduce the increased 10 per cent in the next bus fare revision. Though the calculations of the annual bus fare revision suggested a 32.9 per cent bus fare increase, we reduced the 10 per cent that was already increased with the agreement of all the bus associations,” Miranda said.

He also requested commuters to call the 1955 toll-free Hotline regarding buses charging higher prices for tickets other than the stipulated rates by the Government.

He said that all possible actions have been taken to safeguard the commuters from the errant bus crews.

He further said that a team of flying squad inspectors will be assigned to carry out routine inspections in buses.

Although the revised bus fares were published in newspapers, some private bus conductors are still reported to be charging higher ticket prices from passengers,” Miranda added.

Interprovincial long distance private buses and provincial private buses were advised to display the bus fare revision rates inside all buses where passengers can see them properly.

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