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Fuel distribution to 150–200 LIOC filling stations

CPC to 81 filling stations for essential services:

The Private Tanker Owners Association yesterday said that the LIOC was to distribute fuel to 150–200 filling stations belonging to the company while the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) was to issue fuel to 81 filling stations for essential services. It is also reported that in addition to the Muthurajawela Terminal of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, nearly five bowzers of fuel were released from Kolonnawa for the health sector.

The LIOC company had announced that it will supply fuel to all its stations on June 30. Accordingly, as of yesterday afternoon, fuel was being delivered to fuel stations belonging to the company and the fuel delivery was done based on a token system.

It was also reported that Friday was reserved for the supply of fuel to the health sector and 84 fuel stations reserved for this purpose had not received fuel by yesterday afternoon.

Due to the non-availability of fuel, the health sector employees were facing severe problems. Although Fridays were reserved for supplying fuel to the health departments, others who had been given coupons were seen gathered at filling stations.

People were protesting at various places against the priority given to the health sector. A tense situation prevailed at the filling station at the Galle Fort too.

Health workers including doctors lined up from Thursday to obtain fuel from the filling station.However, after the bowser reached the filling station, those who had obtained the coupons protested against providing fuel to health sector employees. Similar situations occurred at the Minneriya, Hokandara, Balangoda filling stations yesterday.

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