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Mother, children jump into Chandrika Wewa

A mother had jumped into the Chandrika Wewa with her two children near the sluice gates of the lake in Embilipitiya. It is reported that the mother and a one child had died.

Police said that the mother and a child were rescued and admitted to the hospital. However, the mother had died a few minutes after being admitted to the Embilipitiya Hospital Intensive Care Unit.

The mother had been carrying her five-year-old son while holding her 11-year-old son by the hand when she jumped into the lake to commit suicide. However, the son had managed to cling onto the sluice gate and escape while the other child had drowned.

The 32-year-old mother was rescued by the Police Life Guards and rushed to hospital. Police have yet not determined the reason for the woman to attempt suicide along with her two children. “However, Sabaragamuwa Senior DIG Mahinda Gunaratne stated that a relative of hers had told the police that she was receiving psychiatric treatment. The relative had also stated that she had been saying for the past few days that she wanted to die,” the senior DIG said.

The Senior DIG further stated that special investigations are being carried out in this regard and as soon as the mother’s condition improves, a statement would be obtained from her. Embilipitiya Police stated that they will take steps to report the matter to court as she is facing charges of killing one child and attempting to kill the other child.

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