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Railway guard thrown out of train after fracas dies

A railway security guard was killed when he was thrown out of a moving train after two drunken train passengers kicked him following an argument on Friday night, Police said.

The incident had happened near Veyangoda Wandurawa railway station.

The police said Shirley Lakshman Dissanayake, a 52-year-old father of two, who resided at Oruthota Road, Gampaha, Upper Yagoda, had died when he was thrown off the train.

Police investigations have revealed that two persons were drinking alcohol on the intercity train from Colombo Fort to Kankesanthurai and when the railway security officers advised them not to do so, the drunken passengers got into an argument with the railway security officers.

When the security officers attempted to remove the two drunken passengers to another compartment one of the passengers had kicked the railway security officer, throwing him out of the moving train.

A group of officers of the Mirigama Police who took action immediately after learning about the incident had arrested the two passengers when the train reached the Mirigama station.

According to the police, one of the arrested passengers is an army soldier and the other is said to have worked in a train restaurant. The deceased had also acted as the leader of the Railway Guards music band. The police are conducting investigations.

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