‘Dollar issue, rupee shortage cause for steep increase in poultry prices’ | Daily News

‘Dollar issue, rupee shortage cause for steep increase in poultry prices’

Veterinary Surgeons’ Assn. urges essential service status
Dr.  Piyasiri and  Weerasinghe. Picture by Wimal Karunathilaka
Dr. Piyasiri and Weerasinghe. Picture by Wimal Karunathilaka

State Veterinary Surgeons’ Association has presented a set of proposals to the government to address the threat on food security which has erupted as a result of the financial crisis in the country.

Among them were to recognize State Veterinary Surgeons’ Association service as an essential service and provide them fuel and assistance to carry out their services State Veterinary Surgeons’ Association President Dr Sisira Piyasiri urged in a press conference held in Colombo on Wednesday. He said food security and food production should be given utmost priority at this point of time and all the necessary support should be given to their association to carry out their duties without hassle. Dr Piyasiri also said they have requested to stop the export of certain animal feed like rice powder and coconut poonac as at this moment top priority should be given to food security within the country. Also all required steps should be taken to minimize the production cost by providing advice to farmers and keeping an eye on the nutrition levels of their animals.

At a time when farmers were trying to pull out of the industry, the service of veterinary surgeons was vital to talk and convince such individuals to stay in the farming trade, he said. Hence providing them with the necessary fuel should be given utmost priority, Dr Piyasiri said.

He therefore requested the government to recognize their service and categorize them in the essential service category and provide their membership the required facilities to carry out their services.

Ajith Weerasinghe, President Lanka Poultry Forum said the main concern today is the shortage and price of animal feed. He said one of the main causes to this was the steep increase in the value of the dollar as most raw material and feed additives were being imported and in the absence of local availability of certain grain, those too had to be imported. In addition to that, the local available material such as corn and maize which was priced around Rs 60-80 per kilo has now exceeded Rs 200.

He said all other input cost have also increased. Weerasinghe said in addition to the dollar issue the rupee shortage too had added to their woes and all this has resulted in the sharp increase in the prices of poultry products.



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