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Bradby Shield First Leg on August 20

The most looked forward to schools rugby game the Bradby Shield encounter between Trinity College and Royal College will return after a lapse of two years with the first leg scheduled for August 20 at the Royal Sports Complex. The second leg of the Bradby Shield will be played on September 3 at the Pallekele grounds. This year Trinity College is celebrating their 150th year. The Pallekelle game will be played under the distinguished patronage of Byron Fernando, and the Colombo game will be played under the distinguished patronage of Sriyan Cooray.

The Bradby Shield encounter -popularly called “The Bradby” - is the highlight of Sri Lanka’s school rugby calendar. It is one of the most looked forward games. The encounter consists of two legs, one being played in Colombo, and the other in Kandy. The winner is decided on the aggregate of the scores from these two matches.

In 1945, the principal of Royal College, E. LBradby, put forward the idea of playing an annual two-match series, to which the principal of Trinity College C.E. Simithraarachy, readily agreed. To ensure the success of the series, Principal E.L. Bradby offered a shield which was to be held for a period of one year by the winner of the series.

The first Bradby Shield teams of 1945: Trinity - A. Ratwatte, S. Mediwake, A. Yatawara, J.Kuruwita, P.S. Dedigama, T.B. Madugalle, S.B. Pilapitiya, R.G. Sourjah (Capt), H. Jones, R. Vancuylenberg, G. Sanmugam, H. Ranasinghe, R.V. Moottsam, K.A.Gunawardene, W.Thurasitratnam.

Royal- M. Kassipillai, R.M.S. de Silva, A.C.M. Nizar, N.W. Karunaratne, U.Amerasinghe, R. Rajaratnam, M. Rodrigo, D.R. Amerasinghe, J.M. Cumaraswamy, L.Kumarasinghe, D de Moor, F.D Schoorman, C,D.L. Fernando (Capt), T. Mukherjee,S.V. Edirimanasinghe. Royal won 3-0 the first leg played in Colombo.

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