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Health worker caught peddling heroin

Veyangoda Police say that a health worker who was engaged in distributing heroin in the Veyangoda and Naivala areas was arrested with drugs on Saturday.

The suspect is a resident of Veyangoda Wataddara. Police say that the suspect is a 33-year-old unmarried man who works as a health assistant at the Negombo General Hospital.

According to the information received by the Veyangoda Police, the suspect was arrested at the special roadblock used at Naivala intersection. Police seized five grams and 300 milligrams of heroin from the suspect’s possession.

Police investigations have revealed that the arrested suspect was working at the Negombo General Hospital and had connections with drug traffickers in the area.

He had obtained heroin from them and distributed it using public transport. He had also carried out the business while working at the hospital. Police said that the heroin brought from the Negombo to Veyangoda area was sold in 20 milligram and 40 milligram packets by the suspect who is also reported to be a drug addict.



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