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Comments made by students who secured island’s first places at the G.C.E. A/L Examination 2021 (2022)

Following are the comments made by the students, who secured the island’s first places at the G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination 2021 (2022).

Neranda Dilhara Kumarasinghe of Mayurapada Central College in Narammala (Engineering Technology Stream)

Securing the first place in the Engineering Technology Stream completely changed my life. I was confident that I will be within the first ten places of the island rank. But, I never expected to top the list. I obtained my driving license at the earliest possible age. That was to accompany my father who is suffering from a nerve disease to get treatment. I did my studies, while looking after my father with the support of my mother and the brother. My family gave me good support to achieve this victory. My school gave me good support in this endeavour. I must thank the Principal, my school teachers, tutors and everyone who supported me. My teachers dedicated very well to teach us online during the pandemic. Also I made extensive use of social media for my studies. Therefore, I must say this is not a victory achieved by me alone. Finally, it is my expectation to become a Software Engineer. I will not leave my country to serve somewhere else.

Neranda’s father P.A. Kumarasinghe said that he is very happy about the achievement by his son in the A/L examination. He did many extracurricular activities too. I am suffering from a disease. He looks after me also. We were confident that he would be within the top 10 ranks.

Ishara Lakmal Heenkenda of Kendagolla Maha Vidyalaya in Badulla (Arts Stream)

In order to achieve the highest results in examinations, what we needed is dedication. In addition to the school, teachers and the external society each student’s personal dedication helps him/her to excel in examinations. My parents are engaged in agriculture for a living. I have also supported them since my childhood. As a student I followed many extracurricular activities such as cadetting, prefect and St. John Ambulance Service activities apart from my studies. I make this an opportunity to thank my parents, Principal, my teachers and everyone else who supported me. I am really happy about this victory.

Ishara’s father H.M. Gunaratne said that he was happy to hear that his son topped the island rank list in the A/L Examination. We are farmers suffering from poverty. My son also engaged in farming to collect his tuition fees. My son has been very clever since his childhood. I thank and wish well all the teachers who taught my son.

Ishini Neha Amararatne of Rathnavali Balika Vidyalaya, Gampaha (Commerce Stream)

I was able to achieve such a great victory as I did my studies properly and on time. My only focus was on studies. I did not pay much attention to other activities other than studies. I spent my leisure time by reading books or listening to music. Due to the pandemic we had to carry out our studies online. I chose Commerce Stream as it was my favourite stream. I have been able to make my parents and teachers satisfied. I am really happy about what I have earned. I will engage in further studies in order to become a useful citizen to my country.

Ishini’s father is a retired Navy Officer and her mother is a house wife.

Sahan Yasanka Samarakoon of Royal College, Colombo (Physical Science Stream)

It is my future ambition to become an Engineer and serve my country. I studied at the Royal College from Grade 1 to 13. I was not sure whether I would become the island’s first in my stream, but I was sure that I would be within the top ten ranks. I earned this rank through hard work and dedication.

It is my advice to the brothers and sisters who will sit the A/L examination in the future that they should continue and complete what they begin, especially the studies. Also you need to sleep enough after doing studies. Plan what you plan to do. I love music. I represented both eastern and western music bands. I have achieved local and international awards for music. I was a member of the junior football team and also a prefect of my school. Finally, I thank my parents and teachers for supporting me in this endeavour.

Sahan’s parents said their son was a bright student since his childhood. He is keen to complete any work given to him in a proper manner. As parents they only guided their child and he knew how to do his work. They also thanked the teachers who taught him at school and classes to achieve this success.

Thamilvannan Thuwaragesh of St. Michael’s College, Batticaloa (Biological Science Stream)

I am happy to say that I was able to secure second place in the Grade Five Scholarship Exam in Tamil Medium. I obtained nine ‘A’s at the G.C.E. (O/L) examination also. I know this is a difficult period in my country due to the pandemic and the economic crisis. I know it is hard to study and perform in the examinations. But, if you try your best now, you can live a good life in the future.

His parents are Specialist doctors.

Isuri Pabasara Lokupathirage of Devi Balika Girls’ College, Colombo (Bio System Technology Stream)

I did my studies-related day to day activities on time, while attending the tuition classes. My school also carried out academic activities even amidst the pandemic. I thank my parents and teachers for supporting me to achieve this victory.

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