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Drug addict who stole milk powder arrested

The Kadugannawa police have arrested a man who borrowed his son-in-law’s three-wheeler while his daughter was in hospital for childbirth and allegedly broke into a shop in Pilimatalawa and stole milk powder worth around Rs.450,000.

Three others who assisted the main suspect in the robbery too were arrested.

 Police investigations have revealed that the main suspect, who is heavily addicted to drugs, is a resident of Dangolla area and he along with three other residents of Kadugannawa and Dangolla have committed the theft.

The police said that the suspects who had entered the store through the roof and stole the milk powder and ice cream, transported the goods in the trishaw and sold them to several shops at lower prices.

The suspects have consumed drugs after spending about Rs.100,000 earned by selling the stolen milk powder at a low price to several shops in the central market of Kandy and Daulagala area.

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