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Pelwatte Dairy Training Programme in collaboration with int’l training standard

Pelwatte Dairy, a leading local dairy brands in Sri Lanka that produces a range of dairy goods and saves valuable foreign exchange for the country, is a fore-runner in quality and productivity development of local dairy farmers.

The dairy leader plans to achieve this through a Project, Programme Initiative that is focused on training, development and empowerment of the farming community it works with.

The new Project aims to develop a well-equipped dairy training centre with the collaboration of international dairy training providers and to improve the herd with modern breeding techniques.

A cornerstone of the Project is to develop dairy farmers’ infrastructure to comply with Good Dairy Farming Practices introduced by world Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Pelwatte Dairy Industries Farm Manager Chamila Rajapaksha stated: “The Pelwatte Dairy Training Programme aims to develop a well-equipped dairy training centre in collaboration with international dairy training service providers. The existing farms will be enhanced as a cattle breeding farm to supply high quality breeding materials to the Sri Lankan dairy farmers. Despite this, demand for Pelwatte dairy products increased during lockdowns and our farmers’ workload, revenues and need for new dairy farming knowledge too increased along with it. Meanwhile new dairy substitutes such as soy milk and almond milk are entering the market everywhere in the world and it is important for dairy producers such as Pelwatte to highlight the superior quality and nutrition of dairy products, in comparison to such substitutes. The Pelwatte Dairy Training Project aims to fill such knowledge gaps as well.”

“Major area of our new business strategy is to convert our farm as a well-equipped Dairy Education and Training Centre. We plan to established training complex with a lecture hall, laboratories, dining areas and accommodation facilities. The knowledge transferred shall be about modern dairy farming technologies. The recipients will be the Sri Lankan dairy farmers and young entrepreneurs who are willing to be engaged in dairy based industries.”

Milking is the most important practice in a dairy farm and a good milking facility ensures best milk from the dairy cattle. Pelwatte has a line milking parlor facility with 4 units and is sufficient to maintain a satisfied cow herd as milking is completed within three hours. With Pelwatte’s planned herd improvement, the farm requires minimum 6x 2 Herringbone Milking Parlor.

Addressing environment concerns is not new to Pelwatte and it already set up a compost making project as a waste management technique. “Our facility produces minimum 60 tons of compost per month increasing farm profitability at the same time” says Chamila Rajapaksha

Pelwatte is now looking to automate the project and is planning to acquire a tractor with a trailer, a pile tuner and an excavator.


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