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Set the bar high for luxury & comfort with portable & affordable Air Coolers from Mistral

Are you on the lookout for the best cooling partner for your home? Invest in a Mistral Air Cooler that works miracles in scorching heat climates, instantly cooling down the room temperature.

Cooling Effect

If you are someone who prefers staying cool throughout the year, you've made the right choice by selecting a Mistral Air Cooler. 

With 3 fan speeds that allow the user to adjust the cooling effect as preferred, the Mistral Air Cooler also accompanies an Automatic left & right Swing that circulates cool air in the room with efficiency.

Centrifugal Fan

The Mistral Air Coolers are built with a centrifugal fan that lets the users enjoy many benefits.

Centrifugal fans are supremely versatile and can handle different airflow conditions. In a centrifugal fan system, all moving parts are enclosed, durable, and can operate even in corrosive environments.

Lower Electricity Consumption

Built to consume a lower voltage of 120w, the Mistral Air Cooler has minimum electricity consumption compared to an air conditioner or fan.

Reduce your bills and save energy by using the Mistral Air Cooler that benefits you financially.

Eco Friendly

Mistral Air Coolers are crafted to be generous towards its user and the environment.

It does not use any harmful fluoride-based compressor liquid and does not emit carbon.

As the Mistral Air Coolers do not release heat to the outside temperature, it avoids adding to global warming and reduces the carbon footprint.

2- years Warranty

Mistral Air Conditioners comes with a trusted warranty of 2 years from Abans and offers not only cool but peace of mind.

Shop at Abans today and take home a Mistral Air Cooler to beat the heat and keep your loved ones in cool comfort!

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