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Abans IT Features an A. I Enabled Chatbot and a Real-time Job Tracking System

Sri Lankans are fortunate to experience the comfort of owning many premium brands that manufacture state-of-the-art laptops, desktops, tabs, and various high-performing IT accessories. However, when it comes to customer interaction and after-sales services, we are usually acquainted with unpleasant incidents that make us hesitate to purchase yet another costly product and obtain the services of the same company. Many customers refer to after-sales services as a "wild goose chase" and often abandon their old devices and purchase yet another device with numerous difficulties.

Purchasing a computer or a tab is a costly investment, and many of us take home a brand-new device with the thought of making use of it for at least the next 4-5 years or maybe more. In today's market, an impressively wide array of products is on showcase, and most of the time, shoppers do compulsive shopping and purchase a product that is either too basic or too advanced for their requirements. What a customer requires is assistance and guidance followed by superior after-sales service.

Abans IT launched its new website quite recently which showcases a premium product range of laptops, desktops, tabs, & a myriad of other top-notch IT accessories, and contains a dedicated platform that offers technical & remote assistance.

We witnessed that the Abans IT website is powered by an AI-enabled chat box that allows consumers to obtain proficient customer service on a 24/7 basis. Created with the unfailing vision of Chathura Jayawardana, the Director of Abans Information Systems & General Manager of Abans PLC, it’s commendable that Abans continuously strives to offer its valued clientele what's best in the market.

Abans is a brand that has grown over the decades building relationships with its loyal customers, & earning their trust, and we as consumers expect nothing less. The Sri Lankan consumer lacked the benefit of having a customer support team that listens and respects the consumer, where customer satisfaction was never fulfilled no matter how upscale or lavish the product was.

He further elaborated how Abans IT attempts to create positive customer experiences and has its best intentions at heart and adopted an emerging channel such as the AI-enabled chatbot that engages the customers 24/7.


How Abans IT creates a positive shopping experience for consumers through the AI-enabled chat box.

Consumers can obtain around-the-clock assistance and obtain clarifications to their inquiries within a matter of seconds.

⬤  Fast & improved service

⬤  No more waiting in line for your turn as the chatbots can handle multiple customers.

Effective customer interaction & communication that saves time & money

Reduced errors & enhanced productivity

With AI-enabled chatbots, Abans IT looks ready & steady to harness the best customer support service imaginable on the island that boasts efficiency.


Abans IT hosts a real-time job-tracking system

In the past, a consumer would hesitate to hand over their precious device to any service center as obtaining real-time information regarding the status of the repair would be quite grueling at times. Unanswered phone calls & emails, disconnected numbers, irresponsible reports & statements, and rude behavior has made us exhausted of service centers.

Abans IT owns several service centers spread across the island and is committed to offering professional repair & technical support to its clientele and attempts to make a difference by offering smooth customer exposure.

Abans IT's platform redefines customer services by offering real-time and hassle-free tracking giving consumers convenience and peace of mind.

Real-time tracking is a seamless process without any manual intervention and leaves no room for discrepancies.

Abans IT makes the shopping experience enjoyable, reliable, and professional for all!

"We understand that our consumers need reliable customer support- service and solid after-sales service. After all, customer satisfaction is the heart of every successful business", mentioned Mr. Jayawardana.



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