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China investing in sea cucumber farms in SL

Colombo (ANI): China is investing in the sea cucumber farms in Sri Lanka, that has the capability of boosting exercise performance and has anti-fatigue effects.

China wants to facilitate the export of the species from Sri Lanka to China. The Chinese joint venture company, Gui Lan (Pvt) Ltd had already established an artificial breeding production facility (hatchery) in Jaffna’s coastal village of Ariyalai as far back as 2016 to provide juvenile cucumber stock to support further production, reported Geo-politik.

While the climate in Sri Lanka is quite suitable for sea cucumber production, there can be catastrophic consequences for the local marine ecology if large-scale production is undertaken.

There have been reports of protests by the local farmers saying that these aquaculture projects are likely to have an adverse impact on their livelihood, the local marine ecology and the land, reported Geo-politik. (ANI)

In 2021 alone, Sri Lanka exported about 336 tons of sea cucumbers with China being the biggest importer. The Sri Lankan government is undoubtedly willing to give into the Chinese pressure as currently, it would do anything to stabilize its battered economy. The Sri Lankan government is therefore welcoming all Chinese investment in the production of sea cucumber with open arms. (The Print India)

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