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SLFP working against Government as they were not given requested positions – Kanchana

Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera said in Parliament yesterday that the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) is working against the Government as SLFP members were not given the requested positions.

“We will be able to see the fate of the SLFP, which is already limited to two or three people, after the budget.

The Minister was speaking during the debate on the Second Reading of the Budget 2023.

He also said that the institutions under his Ministry are in a better condition now than they were six months ago.

He also said that the energy sector must be restructured no matter what anyone says. “Otherwise, the Government will have to bear the burden,” he said.

“Today the CPC has been able to maintain at a level without loss due to proper management in the recent past. But the debts taken in the past are still to be paid. “Even though this budget is not popular, it has been felt by the people to some extent. If the Opposition opposes these things, their views should be given. They do not do so and only criticise. These people have no policy,” the Minister added.


Dr. Harsha asks for Rs. 220 MN to carry on Suwaseriya – Dr. Harsha

Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP Dr. Harsha de Silva requested the Government to grant Rs. 220 MN to continue the Suwaseriya Ambulance Service.

Dr. De Silva was participating in the Second Reading Debate on the 2023 budget proposals in Parliament yesterday (22).

Dr. De Silva said that Suwaseriya provides free service to thousands of people in need, especially during a crisis. Without money, it is difficult to maintain the free service, he said. He also said that the it is difficult to service and maintain the ambulances without funds.

Finance State Minister Shehan Semasinghe responded the Government will give special attention to securing the ambulance service. He also said that difficulty in ambulance maintenance may have caused by the shortage of spare parts in the market.


Strict actions against anybody who destroys Sooriyawewa Reserve - Amaraweera

Strict measures will be taken against anybody who destroys Sooriyawewa Reserve, which is adjacent to Polonnaruwa-Welikanda Thrikonamadu Reservation, Agriculture and Wildlife Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said in Parliament yesterday (22).

Minister Amaraweera said that the matter will soon be investigated. The Minister was responding to Polonnaruwa District MP Jagath Samarawickreme.

MP Samarawickreme said that the media has reported the case and requested the subject Minister to look into it as soon as possible. Minister Amaraweera said that he will investigate the matter and take legal action against the culprits.


Budget 2023 unrealistic, not people-friendly – SJB MPs

Several opposition MPs criticised the 2023 Budget yesterday (22) during the Second Reading Debate on the Budget proposals stating that it is unrealistic and not people-friendly.

Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP Budhdhika Pathirana said that the Budget 2023 is like a cake poisoned with snake venom. MP Pathirana also said that even though the “cake” has been decorated with few “Pichcha flowers” it “spreads the smell of Kidaram flowers within.”

SJB MP Gayantha Karunarathilake said that the Budget 2023only addresses an unfortunate past and an unrealistic future and does not focus on the present.

MP Karunarathne said that the Budget 2023 in no way resolve the burning issues of the people. He said that the government MPs did not even have a chance to applaud to the Budget because it carries no welfare for the people. MP Karunarathne also said that if the Government had any sensitivity to people’s difficulties, it would have arranged a way for people to pay their bank loans in a concessionary manner. SJB MP Kabir Hashim criticized the Government for welcoming the politicians who are directly responsible for the economic crisis. He said that such persons destroyed the country’s economy by taking popular political decisions and allowing corrupt officials to thrive on the country’s economy. MP Hashim criticized the Rajapaksa regime for entertaining corrupt politicians and economic killers for their personal political propaganda.


Opposition is against tourists coming into country – Harin

The Opposition is against tourists coming into the country, Tourism Minister Harin Fernando said in Parliament yesterday (22).

Minister Fernando was participating in the debate on the Second Reading of the 2023 Budget proposals.

Minister Fernando alleged that the leader of the Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) is a leader who could be the President in the country in the future. “If that kind of a leader does not like tourists coming into the country, that is low standards,” Minister Fernando said.“Now the Opposition does not like tourists flowing into the country. That is why they support the Aragalaya protestors. It is these new SJB MPs who took Sajith Premadasa into the Aragalaya and let people hoot at him. Take Saudi Arabia, it is a developed country because it has fuel resource. If you take India, all of their airports were privatised. What about ours? Recently, there has been a power outage at the airport. Where are we as a country? They are accusing that we are selling national institutions. A government is not a business entity. It creates political and economic vision. What is the SJB’s vision? If we are a center-right party, we have a vision. The SJB does not have a political vision. Its party leader does not have a political vision. You are trying to use whatever the political groups to take hype.” Minister Harin Fernando said.

“Why are we privatising some State enterprises? We do that to earn dollars and strengthen the Rupee; to show that we have a reviving economy in the country. Do you know how difficult it is to attract foreigners to this country? They ask us if we have food; if people are dying; whether we have power and fuel. With all these, when a group of foreigners come, these people go and hold protests,” the Minister said.

A few opposition MPs kept interrupting Minister Harin Fernando during his criticism against Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa.

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