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Rat fever raises its head again

Free pills given by MOH, PHI

Leptospirosis commonly known as rat fever is on the rise, Health Ministry’s Epidemiology Department’s Consultant Community Physician Dr. Tushani Dabarera said.

She said that more than 95 percent of rat fever infected patients can be fully cured with proper treatment.

She said this while speaking at a media conference held at the Government Information Department yesterday (1).

She said that rat fever is a disease spread by a bacterium, and there is a risk of contracting the disease by ingesting a bacterium that lives in the urinary system of mammals such as rats, cows, and buffaloes, mixed with water through the urine of people working in water-related fields.

Rat fever starts with symptoms caused by common viruses, dengue and germs as well as symptoms like fever, headache, body pain, muscle pain, and certain symptoms specific to this disease include yellowing of the eyes, redness, decreased urine, no urination.

If the fever persists for more than three days, it is important to see a doctor and get treatment, Dr.Tushani said. She also explained the importance of taking the prophylaxis medicine given to the farmers a week before going to the fields before the disease strikes.

She emphasized that this antibiotic can be obtained through the public health inspector and medical officer of the area based on medical advice and free treatment will be provided. She said the government distributes these pills free through the offices of Medical Officers of Health and Public Health Inspectors.




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