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Tourists disturbed by protests in Colombo

Tourists who came to visit Sri Lanka in a cruise ship were disturbed by the opposition protests in Colombo, Labour and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara said in Parliament yesterday (2).

Nanayakkara made this observation during the committee stage debate on the expenditure head of the Tourism Ministry among several other ministries.

Minister Nanayakkara furthered, “The tourists who visited Sri Lanka in a cruise ship came to see the National Museum in a parade of trishaws. On the way, they were disturbed by the protests which are held purposely to disturb tourists. So these tourists had to run back to the ship.”

Minister Nanayakkara also said, “Now more tourists come to Galle. So yesterday those ‘red capped’ guys went to Galle to hold demonstrations. So will tourists come to Galle? How can we run the country like this? Now what is this Aragalaya asking for? They ask to do better. Why election? Just come and take over this government. Can they import fuel? Can they give uninterrupted electricity? Can they give lower prices? Can they decrease xes? Please don’t destroy our tourism industry with these protests.”

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