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Do not open liquor outlets - SLMA

The Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA) has written to Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa urging the Government not to compromise on the gains achieved through the enforcement of the quarantine curfew, by permitting the reopening of liquor outlets.

“This will result in people gathering at alcohol selling points breaking the curfew, spending whatever little money they have on alcohol and increasing domestic violence, child abuse and road accidents. Some may also organize alcohol-centred gatherings at their homes increasing the likelihood of further spreading the highly transmissible strain of the COVID-19 virus that is circulating in the country,” the letter read.

Therefore, the SLMA pointed out that when all aspects are considered, this move will have an extremely negative impact, not only on health and social aspects but on the economic aspect as well.

Referring to the proposed online sale of alcohol, the SLMA noted that providing easy access to alcohol will amplify many health, social and economic problems at this difficult time that both the government and the people can ill afford.

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