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BoC ‘Southern Prosperity’ trade fair on May 26

‘Southern Prosperity’, a trade fair and exhibition organised by Bank of Ceylon (BoC), Southern province will be held on May 26, from 8.00 am to 6.00pm at Galle Town Hall.

The event, launched with the objective of enriching business volume of growing entrepreneurs in the region, will be inaugurated under the patronage of BoC Chairman Roland C. Perera in association with General Manager D.M. Gunasekara .

To mark the occasion, 100 low-interest loans for self-employees will be awarded at the trade fair and exhibition. Special arrangements have been made to BoC’s financially aided customer manufacturers to display their products and explore new marketing opportunities. The event will also include introduction of novel BoC products (deposit products and loan products), educational sessions, registration of BoC customers for the e-commerce market, felicitation of state officials who sustained effective business relationships with the bank and leasing campaigns.

During the trade fair and exhibition, participants will get the opportunity to interact with a number of leading agents of vehicle importers which will enable them to learn new prospects in buying new vehicles and several other services that include free services for auto mobile customers, discount programmes of insurance companies, free nitrogen air from tyre companies and free inspection reports from Sterling Auto Mobile Lanka. 

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