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Opposition Leader for Provincial Councils

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa said that Provincial Councils (PCs) should be maintained because those have been without any changes from the inception.

He said that to provide a proper service to the people, PCs’ structure should be strengthened by providing financial allocations.

He was speaking to the media at Kandy on Saturday.

He said that it is obvious that the PC system is a failure when the PCs get insufficient financial allocations on Capital Development work and money is only allocated for recurrent expenditures.

The Opposition Leader said that the PCs’ structure needs to be changed to make it more efficient.

Opposition Leader Sajith said that it is inappropriate to hold elections in the pandemic and human lives must be prioritised before holding any election.

He added that he was ready to face constant public scrutiny and that everyone should consider if this was the right time to go for an election.